Ahead of the queue

Remember how, at the beginning of the pandemic, everyone used to chirp “we’re all in this together!”? You don’t hear much of that any more because it’s embarrassingly obvious we’re not. Watching wealthy people, who have the means to shield from the virus, being vaccinated before many essential workers is infuriating. Even worse is the fact that there’s not much we can do about it. Making it harder to get a vaccine helps no one: better a few undeserving people slip through the net than a single precious vaccine goes to waste.

As for shaming the vaccine queue-hoppers, numerous studies show the “upper class” are more likely to lack empathy and engage in unethical behaviour. In one example, researchers put a jar of sweets in front of people and attached a note stating the candy was to be taken to a child-research laboratory. Participants who thought of themselves as wealthy took twice as many sweets as those who thought of themselves as poor.

As experts keep telling us, no one is safe until we’re all safe.  How many highly contagious mutant viruses is it going to take for the wealthy world to realise that? I really don’t want to find out.  (Arwa Mahdawi , The Guardian).

My comment:  The rich live beneath the radar, that is, they don’t advertise their habits and attitudes.  On the other hand the people who idolize the former President proudly parade around without masks, ignore health warnings, minimize the dangers of Covid 19, and politícize every attempt to eliminate the threat they pose to other people. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  Yes!  These are the people who generally go to church every week.  That Jesus would have preached fiercely against their behavior is ( in my opinion) a given.  Hypocrisies rules!


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