Yobs and the prevailing “culture”

In the South London suburb of Croydon on July 18th two police officers asked a churlish young woman to pick up a fast food wrapper she had dropped on the ground in a shopping mall. She picked it up, then deliberately dropped it again, challenging the police to do something about it.  When they protested they were surrounded by a mob of screaming kids who attacked the policemen and threw them on the ground.

No, America is not alone. Children in Britain grow up with no respect for their elders or their teachers, left alone to join gangs, roam the streets and get fat on fast food. Their parents are so caught up with two jobs and trying to buy the things they see advertised on TV that they end up with no control over their teenagers and are frequently abusive to them. This is a double-whammy – – the so-called free market and unrestrained capitalism meets political correctness and women’s desire (and need) to work outside the home till evening. The unholy mix produces a society without ethics, morals, direction, self-discipline or education. It isn’t everywhere, but it is a blight on our civilization and a sign of decline.

What can we do about it?

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