Will Christianity decline but be re- born?

The Guardian of March 30, 2018 carried an article by Peter Ormerod that suggested that  “In the light of widespread rejection among Europe’s young people“, Christianity as a default, as a norm, is gone, and is probably gone for good.”

He suggested that this might, long term, actually be good news for Christianity, which started as a radical political and spiritual movement, but was coopted by forces of oppression and militarism. (and by the Establishment. Ed). Becoming a default or a norm drained it of much of its energy. Despite repeated efforts by minorities to resist the trend, the institutionalization of Christianity has done it a disservice.
Young people have not abandoned an appetite for community, loyalty and even tribalism, and not all, of course, have become self-obsessed. On the contrary, they tend to reject the aridity of a culture where everything is numbered, quantified and processed into heartless data. Many also reject the the internet culture where how you look, how popular you are, what you have and what you wear are the most important things. They also dislike the bullying and the need to be “perfect”.

One can therefore see the possibility of a revived church that can offer meaningful relationships to young people, reassurance and love. Authenticity is the key, not trying to join or conform to the mass obsession with Facebook et al. Maybe the message of the church will get through once again, but not be part of the establishment, touting uniformity.

Meanwhile, Epicureanism shares much of the good, positive things about Christianity but without the supernaturalism, the angels, the choirs, the confessions, the outdated language sometimes used, the stress on guilt and sin. If you are looking for mystery, Epicurus cannot offer it. But if you are looking for  love, understanding, inclusivity, common sense, consideration for others and a gentle reflective refuge from modern life, Epicureanism is an answer*.   There are no popes or bishops telling you what to think – just human common sense.

*Note:  I say “an answer”. There are plenty of people out there peddling the “answer to everything”, all wanting control.  Our belief is that you should try many things in striving for contentment, moderation and happiness.  Epicureanism is  one of them.

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