Who are Trump’s American “elite”?

– They have a measure of actual education.
– They believe in and keep up with advances in science.
– They possess a measure of self-control and self-discipline.
– They have empathy for the poor, the sick and the dispossessed
– and actually give real money to charitable causes.
– They are polite and considerate of others.
– Their IQ ranges from average to excellent.
– Their emotional ages are normal for their actual age.
– They avoid crude language and name-calling.
– They do not have affairs with Playboy Bunnies.
– They do not have multiple bankruptcies or stiff innocent suppliers.
– They keep their word and need hard evidence before a change of mind.
– They can actually read a whole page of briefing and make head and tail of it.
– They do not brag about how rich they are and regard bragging as rather tacky.
– They have a better attention span than a gnat.
– They do not owe their start to sleazy assistance from the Mob.
– They take regular exercise and do not fake good health.
– They can take advice.
– They prefer to tell the truth.
– They don’t bully or approve of bullying.
– They don’t have a kiddy’s diet of Big Macs three times a day.
and lastly –
– Like Epicurus, they drink a glass of wine in the evening and lean towards . moderation, consistency and courtesy.

No wonder, dear Reader, they are so despised.

Name withheld to avoid Twitter frenzy

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