White supremacy

The distribution of white supremacist propaganda nearly doubled across the US in 2020, according to the Anti-Defamation League, which recorded 5,125 incidents of racist, antisemitic and other hateful messages, averaging around 14 cases a day. This compared with 2,724 in 2019.

My reaction : Firstly, we are all human beings. Secondly, there is nothing inherently superior about a white skin. I know because I have one. What distinguishes a white man from a black man is access to education and better job prospects.

Many years ago, in Southern Mexico, I met a Mexican man who introduced himself as the leader of a Mexican nationalist organization dedicated to recovering lands of the South Western American States, lost in the 19th Century to US superior arms. “No further war, he told me. But we have a huge birth rate, and the strategy is to encourage our people to peacefully cross the border and recreate the Hispanic lands.”

”That is going to cause ructions in the US, however peaceful”, I said.  His reply was, “We will divide them. Spanish language and culture will eventually be restored in the lands that belong to us”.  (A dubious proposition – the lands were not Spanish or Mexican, but native American Indian. Never mind).  What he forecast in 1963, nearly sixty years ago, is coming slowly to pass.  Along with a poor white backlash.

And no one in the US seems to have heard of this rather well-kept secret!

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