When God lost our planet – a poem

Each day unfurled, Another world!

God sits up there and gently nurses

Spanking, brand new universes.


Purblinding flash!

Oh, boom, oh, crash!

A zillion atoms spun in space.

Where did they fly? Some place, some place.


For thirteen billion years, we’re told,

Did God his galaxies unfold

With neutron stars and cosmic rays.

Thus did God spend timeless days.


For goodness sake,

One needs a break.

Even those with mighty power

Like to relax for half an hour.


He thinks a thought!

Just what he sought

To liven up the daily grind – –

He has a unique scheme in mind!


Aha! Ambition!

Matchless mission – –

A scheme to create a race of men

With ethics and with acumen!



Was his intent.

“I’ll pick a rock of random worth, 

And, ah! I ‘ll call the planet “Earth”!

And at its birth

I’ll make this Earth

As beauteous as an April sonnet

And place my new creations on it.”


“They’ll look like me

Be good like me.

And every man will love his wife,

And thank me for his daily life!”


And so it was, and in a trice

God created paradise,

And placed in it a married pair,

A test to see how they would fare.


But space expands 

If left unplanned.

A planet whirls away in space,

And nothing’s left to fill the space.


Space grew too vast,

And God at last,

Taking years to get around,

Discovered Earth could not be found.


Thus men are left

On Earth, bereft,

Without a God to tell them “nay”,

Lost amidst the Milky Way.


It’s rather rare

To sit up there,

And even in ten billion years,

To lose a planet in the spheres.


“Oh, huge mistake

For me to make!

Where is that H2O and granite?

Where is my chosen little planet?


“Oh! Fractured hope!

How will they cope,

Lost in the vast ethereal sphere

Gripped by suspicion, greed and fear?


“Oh, doom, oh, gloom.

Not I? Then whom?

Who will be there to keep them moral,

To teach them how to love, not quarrel?


God searches here,

He searches there,

On moons, black dwarfs, dark energy,

But not a human could He see.


“Ah! Infinitesimal speck!

Hey, what the heck?

If men on Earth possess a flaw

Forget it!  I’ll just make some more.


And thus time passed

Until at last,

While rambling through a group of stars,

Why, Earth appeared, alongside Mars.


Ah! Eureka!

Planet seeker!

He cried, “Aha, that’s where they’ve gone!

Let’s see how they are getting on.”


Amazed, He found his two creations

Had spawned a multitude of nations.

No one thought or spoke the same,

Or, if in the wrong, would take the blame.


“Jehovah! Lord!

(With one accord!)

We’re glad you’ve come as prophesied!

We thought we’d see you when we died”.


So saying, men

Proceeded then

To pepper God like proper pests

With thousands of inane requests.


Most were self-seeking,


“Bless me, Lord, and kindly strike

And punish those whom I dislike”.


“Oh, God, to whom we genuflect

Mine’s by far the holiest sect.

We praise you more, and they are weird.

What’s more, we wear a longer beard”.


 And God was pained

When people claimed

 He’d picked upon a chosen few

And helped them win a war or two.


And God above

Said “Where is love?

I should have been around to ground ’em,

I rather wish I’d never found ’em.”



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