What is this life about?

What is all this about, this life?   Is it just a big income, a fancy house, and expensive vacations?  Is it even about a good-looking girlfriend or spouse who makes other men envious?  This seems to be a pervasive attitude, as the gap between rich and poor inexorably widens.

Well, of course I would expect the reader to deny approaching life like that.  Rightly.  Having sufficient money so that you don’t have to live hand to mouth and worry constantly about keeping a roof over your head – that is very natural and human.

But when you grow old will you be able to tell yourself, honestly, that you have led a good life, a life which has involved caring for others, with mutual love and respect; a life that hasn’t just focused on a successful career, but one in which you have won the admiration for your skill at dealing with others; a life of generosity, good humor, moderation and giving? 

If you can conduct an honest survey of your life and ask yourself whether it has been worthwhile, and the honest answer is just “good in parts, but could have done better” ( like most of us!)  then you can still put it right.  It is never too late.


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