What has happened to the BBC?

Here are BBC headlines on May 16th, available via the BBC app on my i-pad (truly!)

“FatTax” row forces New Look price review
Single, 30,and time to leave home
Meghan’s father may not attend wedding
Dealing with a child who won’t sleep
Kristen Stewart goes barefoot at Cannes
How to dress a royal groom
Willow Smith reveals how she used to self-harm
Scariest moment in my police career
Are these (photo) Yorkshire pudding or Yorkshire pancakes?
Cold war over ice cream at school
House-bound woman crowd-funds for chair
Arsenal’s medical head, Lewin, loses job
Playing fantasy football with artificial intelligence

Meanwhile, the world is roiled by the Trump policy on Iran, protestors are being shot in Gaza, autocrats are being elected in countries like Hungary, Turkey, etc, mini- wars against terrorism popping up all over Africa. Brexit is a mess, Argentina is going broke – yet again, etc, etc.

What is wrong with the BBC? I am old enough to remember when it was the prime, world-class newscaster, respected throughout the world. I am told that the broadcast news is more serious and relevant, but why all this pandering to …..whom exactly?

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