What a relief! Help for deserving, struggling millionaires.

Slipped into the recent corona virus relief package was a $170 billion tax cut for the wealthy that will give people earning over $1 million a year an average tax cut of $1.6 million per year.   In 2020 alone, taxpayers will pay $90 billion for this wealth transfer to just 43,000 millionaires, 20 percent more than Congress gave to desperate hospitals and more than triple the money allocated for Coronavirus testing.

What would an Epicurean say about this?

“It is impossible to live pleasurably without living prudently, honorably and justly, and also without living courageously, temperately and magnanimously, without making friends, and without being philanthropic”.  (Philodemus)

He might also make some pithy comments about blatant corruption. But then the gravy train is the longest surviving train in the world, probably stretching back to the Neanderthals.

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