Verdict on the current British government. (Part 1)

“Instead of a cabinet, there is a potentate. The traditional structures still exist, but as tributes to an obsolescent way of governing.” There are still secretaries of state, but they now have “little bearing on real power, which swirls in an unstable vortex of advisers and officials vying for proximity to Boris Johnson’s throne”. Behr continues that “having such a personality at the heart of government makes a nonsense of unwritten protocol” that governs British politics. “It was never rigorous. All manner of hypocrisies flourish when a self-selecting elite chooses the boundaries of legitimate behaviour. But there were boundaries. Johnsonism has none.” (Rafael Behr, The Guardian)

My comment:  Epicurus disdained politics, and one can see why.  There is little we can do about it, so I think we should concentrate on inter-personal kindness, consideration, politeness, honesty, and integrity, and do what we can to help for the poor, the sick and the under-served.


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