Vacationing in Britain

“I think we can all agree that the two worst things in the world are camping and picnics,” writes Giles Coren.  So, when you read “that there is a shortage of tents and picnic baskets which ‘could hit staycation plans’, you know that you are truly dwelling in the end times”.

A staycation in the UK can be wonderful, says Coren. “The only problem? Getting there. M40, M4, M5 all solid, in every direction, so that, with stops to charge my electric car, getting as far as Cardiff took as long as it would have done to get to our only other feasible legal holiday option, Australia.” But the bigger problem for Coren, he says, “is not that I am going to have to holiday in Britain – which is perfectly nice in its way – it is that everyone else is too. ( Giles Coren in The Times).

My comment:   Much as I love the countryside, when it is viewed from a vehicle moving three feet a minute in solid traffic, jammed as far as the eye can see, there is little to commend the idea of driving to the South West of England , along roads not widened since Roman times. Staying at home is more relaxing.

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