Unsolved murders

There is a backlog of more than 250,000 unsolved murders in the US, a backlog that grows by 6000 every year. Police departments are resolving a lower percentage of cases than ever before. In prior decades the rate of homicide resolution was 70%; it is now down to about 60%, and continuing to fall. In 2016 only 7% of the nation’s 18,000 law enforcement agencies had cold-case squads, despite the fact that, for every old homicide case there is a murderer at large who can keep killing.

One problem is that for every successful conviction for a single murder, there is little time devoted to finding out how many other people the accused killed. This leaves families grieving and an atmosphere of dread among many.

Every society has some level of murderous crime, but the US is unique, firstly in the sheer number of guns out there, and secondly the apparent feeling of disillusionment of young men, who are turned off education, dread trying to find a rewarding job, and resent the success of their young female counterparts (at least, this is the assumption of many).

The lack of education (or the desire for it) among the young men is all too clear, if you have experience of other countries. Maybe this argument seems too sweeping, but when there is the monthly (?) school shooting (or similar) a young man always seems to be involved – seldom if ever a woman.

My take: My university college started admitting girls some 25 years ago (previously they went to girls-only colleges). Now, I gather, it is the girls who shine academically and achieve final exam results better than their male counterparts. Speaking personally, I think this is fantastic! For too long have high expectations of young men created formidable pressure on them. Sit back, lads, enjoy life, embrace ataraxia. and let the women do some of the heavy thinking! Epicurus would be intrigued and amused. (The Guardian 7 Oct 2021)

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