Two rows a month equals a happy marriage

A survey of 2,000 married Brits has found that the recipe for a happy marriage includes six meaningful conversations, three long walks and two massive rows every month. The Times reported that the most contented couples claimed to have sex five times a week and say “I love you” up to 20 times a fortnight. They also kiss two or three times a day and cuddle 11 times a week. (The Times, Feb 2022)

My take: (Thinks: how can I enhance the image of my marriage without appearing to brag?). Ahem! My wife and I agreed, when we got married, to have six meaningful conversations a day, a long walk every day and no massive rows at all. I draw a curtain over the more intimate activities mentioned in The Times quotation. That subject would only stir up grave discontent among readers, and in the US we have enough of that already. (Epicurus never told us not to joke)

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