This generational conflict is bogus

A fake generational war over the climate crisis has distorted public thinking and political strategy, when in fact older generations are just as worried about the issue as younger people, according to research.

In fact, the study found older people were actually more likely than the young to feel that acting in environmentally conscious ways would make a difference, with twice as many baby boomers as members of generation Z having boycotted a company in the last 12 months for environmental reasons. The fake conflict between generations over the climate crisis is “dangerous and destructive”, the lead researcher, Prof Bobby Duffy, said.

My commment: Amen to that! As an older person I am quite as concerned as anyone else. The weather news, especially from the US, is really scary. You have to be deaf and blind not to be aware of the rising temperatures, the forest fires, the hurricanes, and the melting ice at the poles. If you are British maybe one of the greatest threat is disruption of the Gulf Stream, which could make the British Isles a very cold place to live in, as I understand it. The irony is that many Brits worry about foreign migrants, but it is quite possible the they will join the migrations as well.(Am I being alarmist?).

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