This cannot stand!

Lawmakers in Alabama have passed a bill that virtually bans abortion. The legislation, to be signed by the state’s Republican governor, outlaws abortion except in cases where the pregnancy poses a “serious health risk to the mother”, the “unborn child has a lethal anomaly”, or the pregnancy is ectopic (in an abnormal place or position). . A Democrat amendment to allow exceptions for victims of rape or incest was rejected. Doctors who perform abortions could be jailed for life. The state’s Republicans have said they hope to use the bill to challenge Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court ruling that gave women the right to abortion. Several states have recently passed laws severely restricting access to abortions. Last week, Georgia banned abortions once a foetal heartbeat can be detected, which is often as early as six weeks.  Extremists expect the issue to reach the Supreme Court and have  abortion banned nationwide. Missouri has  now followed Alabama and Georgia.

It’s always the men, isn’t it?  The ultimate case of male chauvinism. Men don’t have babies and don’t have to look after them 24/7.  They  pay no heed to the intelligence and instincts of women or their personal situations, and think it appropriate to dictate to them on an excruciatingly personal matter such as giving birth, often without the loving support of a spouse.  Miserable marriages, rape, incest, flimsy means of support?  Never mind, men know best and have biblical quotes to support them. They should get out of the private lives of women they’ve  never met and don’t give a damn about!  There are already too many unhappy, struggling  people in this world – to bring more into the world by force of law is both un- Epicurean, counters pragmatic common sense, and is arguably a modern sin.

I hope this will bring out the women in force at election time to finally despatch the mis-named “good ‘ole boys” from power for good.


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