The US postal “service”

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is preparing to put all first-class mail on a single delivery track, according to two people briefed on his plan for the U.S Postal Service, a move that would mean even slower and costlier service for both consumers and commercial mailers. The plan also prevents first-class mail from being shipped by airplane, forcing all of it into trucks, and coincides with a push for significantly higher charges.

My comment: As far as I know the traditional mail makes no profit in any Western country.  This is to be expected owing to electronic messaging.  It is futile to try and make it a profitable exercise.  On the other hand the mail is essential, for instance for checks, annual tax correspondence etc, and should be treated as a public service.  Aside from anything else it is a big employer of the Black community and also important to charity fundraising
As far as I am concerned charity request mailings constitute three quarters of all deliveries.

Oh, and by the way, delivery where I live almost stopped over Christmas, with one or two deliveries, at 9 or 10 p.m in the evening. For the last three weeks deliveries have suddenly arrived in the afternoon, but every other day.
Consistent it is not; crazy it is.

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