The tyranny of the cellphone

If it were not for my wife’s comfort with her cellphone I might as well be isolated on a tropical island.

Everyone in the UK expects you to have a cellphone – the whole health system. the police, the local Council, the Post Office, the Bank, the government, the emergency services. Just everyone. I am possibly the last person on the planet who possesses no cellphone and cannot send text messages, not because I am cheap but because I am old and my cognition is not what it was when, in the army, I planned an imagined invasion of Crete by allied armies (truly! I was told at the end I had been captured by German paratroopers!).
Anyway, I wander from the point.

The point is that to me I prefer (1) a telephone call or (2) an old fashioned email. What I find irritating is the assumption that you have a cellphone and can text. When you think how many people can barely pay their electricity bills and earn peanuts this assumption is, shall we say politely “out of touch”.

Now…….which uninhabited, peaceful Pacific island would suit best….?

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