The threats to Greenland

We concentrate on the obvious places where dictators thrive and warfare kills thousands, but tend not to note the stress experienced by the people of Greenland, who are struggling to cope with global warming, which is totally altering their way of life.  More than 90% of Greenlanders accept that the climate is changing, while 76% are experiencing dangerous sea ice journeys and having to euthanise sled dogs that they cannot keep owing to the shorter winters.  As a result of the stress there is a high level of alcoholism and suicide. The mental health of the Inuit population is causing serious concern to mental health professionals, who are finding symptoms of anxiety, ecological grief and even post-traumatic stress owing to the rapid changes in their lives.

Then along comes Trump, proposing to “buy” Greenland in order to give his election donors the chance to mine the place for coal, oil etc. etc. and make matters hugely worse. Praise the God of Money, money, money!  

Trump would hardly be concerned about the stress already being experienced by the Greenlanders, were he to succeed in buying Greenland because the global warming crisis is “fake news”, is it not?

(This bullying by Trump should be a joke …..but no, it is not. Picking this ludicrous and unnecessary fight with harmless Denmark is not the behavior of a normal person.  Is it psychopathic ?  It is certainly irrational,  but I suppose there is, for his supporters, a rationale somewhere in the Old Testament.  So that’s o.k).  

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