The Supreme Court threat to our peace of mind and liberty

What will the Supreme Court look like in three months time?

It will be majority Republican, the newest member picked from the outer ranks of the most quixotic and literal interpreters of the US Constitution. He (probably he, because women should be attending to the kids, don’t you know) will believe that abortion should not only be banned, but those seeking an abortion should be jailed. He will likely believe that possesion of guns has nothing to do with defensive state militias, but that gun owners should be allowed to carry loaded, hidden guns into theatres, stadiums, schools, bars, and all other public places. He will carry his christian faith as a badge of honor and will abhor other “spurious” religions”. He will be the champion of white people and support all measures that eel immigrants, unless big corporations tell him otherwise.

He will likely support the Oligarchy and the idea, not addressed in the original Constitution, that corporations are people who should be allowed both to vote and to give unlimited funds to political candidates, preferably Republicans. He will probably believe that it is constitutionsl for party hacks to draw constituency boundaries in a partisan manner, and he will see nothing wrong in multi-millionaires heading Federal departments and signing contracts that benefit themselves, relatives and friends. He will believe in the moral superiority of the rich, blessed by God, and suggest that poor people should humbly wait for the odd goodie at the rich man’s gate. He will aim to overturn the progress made by blacks and homosexuals, who simply want equal rights, and he will support America being great again, even as his appointment is part of the process that ensures that it will never be so again, but will be passing the baton of world hegemony to China. A List of Shame.

What has this to do with Epicureanism? Because Epicureans would prefer to live under a Constitution that offers everyone equality and freedom. They fear claptrapery, autocrats, the destruction of the environment, everlasting wars, and the greed of the very rich. They yearn for peace of mind and simply being allowed to get on with everyone, without being bullied and having their rights removed. The former champions of freedom no longer believe in it, only money.

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