The Silent Generation

One hears a lot about Baby Boomers, Generation X etc, These classifications are designed by journalists to allow them to make sweeping and outrageous generalisations about huge groups of people with little in common, except that they were born between certain dates.

I never thought about this much, but, late in the day I discover that I am a member of the “Silent Generation”. You have probably never heard of the Silent generation. That’s because it is largely silent. My wife and I are members. We were born three and a half thousand miles apart, but we share very similar upbringings, based on the following good principles:

– children should be seen and not heard
– respect for older people
– the words “please” and “thank you” are important.
– always write thank-you letters for treats or presents.
– eat what’s on your plate.
– “When I say go to your room, you go to your room”.
– bad school grades are not acceptable.
– you do not interrupt adults.
– make your bed and help clean up after dinner.

I maintain that being brought up being used to discipline, self-discipline, politeness and thinking of other people is a good basis for a cooperative and civilised society. But I now suspect that this might be regarded as old-fashioned.

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