The Second Amendment

Talking about a literal interpretation of the Constitution as written: the Constitution refers to State militias needing to bear arms, not individuals. It was a matter of States rights and local public defense. The Founders didn’t have in mind allowing every Tom, Dick and Harry to bear arms willy-nilly, endangering harmless citizens. We have departed from the intentions of the Founders, who were too intelligent to envisage mobs roaming the streets, armed to the teeth.

I never met Epicurus (revelatory comment of the Century) but I suspect he would be alarmed at the idea of Tom, Dick and Harry arming themselves, and prowling the town looking for trouble and opportunities for voter suppression. He would be appalled by the conspiracy theories, and the preying upon the fears of less-educated people. No, Epicureanism does not embrace party politics, but it does embrace peace of mind, security, opportunity for all and as much equality of lifestyle as possible. It’s common sense.

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