The right to die

Hinduism accepts the right to die for those with terminal diseases or those who have no desire, ambition or no responsibilities remaining; and allows death through the non-violent practice of fasting to the point of starvation (Prayopavesa). Jainism has a similar practice named Santhara. In the Catholic faith, suicide is considered a grave sin, and it has been the influence of Catholicism that has prevented many rational people from ending their lives when they want to, not when some Catholic lobby deems it right.

It should be a human right to end your life when you want you want to. It is your life. When it comes down to it probably most people funk it, such is the human desire to live. But for the others, why should they be dictated to by anyone else. What business is it of the church? For those of us who are rather dubious of the existence of a bearded old gentleman somewhere in the sky (a man, of course), who judges your life and finds you guilty, this is control freakery. Epicurus would have none of it. Stand up for the ultimate liberty – the decision about your own life and its ending!

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