The Rhyme: a short poem

Poets now despise the rhyme,
Or that’s the affectation.
But nonsense is as nonsense does
And what is worse
Than bad blank verse?
Gibberish strung a word a line,
Conforming to the fashion?
The wish being father to the thought,
It’s promptly

Rhymes outdated? That’s just rot!
Some can rhyme, and some can not.

It’s content, not the form, that counts,
And mastery of meaning.
A certain discipline of mind
Is requisite when using rhyme.
So don’t reject the tools at hand,
Misused as they may be.
The means can justify the end.
My point is penned.
The End!

From “The Rueful Hippopotamus” by Robert Hanrott, published by ByD Press and a available from, and

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