The Pandora Papers

The Washington Post reported Sunday that millions of private financial records shared with the newspaper showed that members of the global elite, including King Abdullah II of Jordan and other country leaders, used a secretive offshore system to hide billions of dollars from tax authorities, creditors, criminal investigators, and others. The documents detailed the Jordanian king spent more than $100 million on luxury homes in Malibu, California, and other places. Leaders of the Czech Republic, Kenya, Ecuador, and other nations hid millions of dollars’ worth of property and cash. The trove of documents, called the Pandora Papers, was far larger than the Panama Papers disclosed in an investigation five years ago (Washington Post 10/3/2021).

My comment: Has it always been this way since time began? Have we always been governed by people with only a passing interest in the ruled. What is it that sparks the lust for millions of dollars, pounds etc? There are only so many cars you can drive at the same time; only so many palaces you can enjoy and fancy holidays you can take simultaneously. The same can be said of companions of the opposite gender, if you get what I mean.

Epicurus would probably laugh at this modern grabbitariat and point out that fear of discovery, of thievery and assassination, makes these anxious, bigwig bullies in reality insecure. He would likely advise you to pity them as they await their comeuppencies.

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