The opinion of an educated evangelical

I am British. Some while ago I visited the American South Western states, including Wyoming, Colorado and Arizona, and was amazed at the lack of general knowledge among the people we met and with whom we had lovely conversations .

May I suggest that the basic reason for the USA evangelicals’ take on life is a function of ignorance rather than based on theology or personal experience of belief. From ignorance is born superstition and fear. In England evangelical Christians differentiate themselves from the rules and rituals of orthodox formal religion per se. That is why I call myself and evangelical because I do not feel comfortable with rules and rituals and formal religion.

An educated evangelical knows perfectly well that homosexuality has a basis in biology and therefore no one is to blame. They also know that if a girl has been raped then the kindest thing of all is to abort the baby, if that is what the mother wants. The raped girl comes first, in spite of the fact that any abortion is also a tragedy. Some may not agree with this but I believe that kindness and compassion comes first.

Thus, another opinion from another evangelical Christian, who gets a little exasperated by some closed minded, pious, and non-thinking fellow Christians.

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