The obscenity of gun deaths

AR-15-style assault weapons were designed to kill people quickly with little effort. Allowing shooters to buy these weapons of war has torn so many families and communities apart:

Boulder – 10 murdered
El Paso – 22 murdered
Parkland – 17 murdered
Sutherland Springs – 26 murdered
Las Vegas – 60 murdered
Orlando – 49 murdered
Sandy Hook – 26 murdered

Countless lives might have been saved if these shooters had been prevented from accessing such deadly weapons. (Sandy Hook Promise Action Fund, PO Box 3489, Newtown, CT 06470, United States)

My comment: I am speechless. How can human beings countenance these atrocities (because that’s what they are)? And politicians take money from the gun manufacturers and sit on their hands in Congress, yattering on about “liberty” and praying piously on Sundays. Epicurus believed in fostering peace of mind – his mind would be far from peaceful we’re he alive today.

And so, people like me, who believe in humanism and decent behavior, continue to criticize the gun obsession, which yearly gets more prevalent. (I came within a fraction of a millimeter of death when an idiot fired an automatic weapon in my direction when I was 19. I am alive today only because of his incompetence. He missed. Forgive me for repeating this, but the experience lives on)

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