The hypocrisy of the Amazon-using classes

“Great abundance is heaped up as a result of brutalizing labor, but a miserable life is the result”. (The Essential Epicurus”, by Eugene O’Connor, Great Books in Philosophy series)

Well, that was prescient!  What immediately comes to mind is Amazon – huge numbers of people working long hours at pitiful wages so that we can get some not-very-important product we could otherwise walk half a mile to buy (and be fitter for it).
I say this while invariably hesitating before clicking on the “ buy now” button.  But I still press that button and order from Amazon, which, yes, makes me a hypocrite.

We need to pay more for the convenience of Amazon, and Amazon needs to pay its staff more.  And the boss needs to pay loads more tax, and stop trying to avoid what he does pay.  Paying tax for the benefit of the whole community is both Epicurean and, one would have thought, simply common sense. How those taxes are used apportioned is another matter altogether.

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