The fairness of the election

Across Europe, there is alarm not just about what happens on election day in the US, but about American democracy itself. Fewer than one in 10 think the US election will be free and fair. Yet large numbers of Europeans confess they don’t know whether Biden would be good for the world. Perhaps Trump’s legacy is to have taught us that relying on the US to guarantee global leadership is not a path to happiness. (The Guardian, U.K., 14 Oct 2020)

My comment: Back in 1963, traveling around the United States, hardly a day went by when someone – black, white, male, female, young or old – did not say “Don’t you just love this country? Isn’t it great?”. Back then I agreed every time the comment came up.

This is not a party political comment, just a reflection of my current, personal anxiety for the future. I have temporarily (?) lost peace of mind.

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