The characteristics of the Epicurean person

The following are, in my opinion, the characteristics of the Epicurean lady or a gentleman.    I make absolutely no apology for what some might see as old-fashioned ideas – they are simply what I would look for in a wife, a  lifelong friend, or a companion.  Gender is immaterial.  (not in any particular order of importance, for all are important):







Honest and with integrity




Able to treat young and old alike with respect, and without thinking about it

Able  to treat strangers and people of colour no differently than anyone else, also with respect and without having to think about it.

Mildly self-deprecating

Able to see the funny side of life (philosophers can take themselves too seriously)

Not viewing wealth or worldly success as all that important ( it is the human being that matters)

This  is about how you see yourself, your own self-image.  I hope you agree that to be regarded thus would be an accolade.

How do you see yourself?  ( a rhetorical question – I suggest you keep it to yourself!)

Reply to this posting with any omissions you think I have made.  There must be some!

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