The boys are not all right, part 2

The reasons: –
1. The manufacturing sector has lost more than 5 million jobs since 2000. Traditionally, more than two-thirds of manufacturing workers are men.

2. Research shows that one significant factor women look for in a partner is a steady job. As men’s unemployment has risen so their romantic prospects have declined. Between 1960 to 2010 adults without a college degree who marry plummeted from about 70% to about 45%.

3. Many boys are being brought up by their mothers only, and are thus deprived, for better or worse, of a male to look up to and emulate.

4. Boys now go to college at lower rates that women, and unsurprisingly, earn less when they seek jobs. All too many seem nihilistic, depressed, unfocused, and feel failures before they have even started.

Comment: my old college, once accepting young men only, now has a majority of women students, and very articulate and confident they seem to be. (2 Mar 2022)

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