The biggest threat to democracy that no one is talking about

That threat is a constitutional convention called by the states. The last time such a thing happened was in 1787. So messy was that affair that it hasn’t been carried out since. But a renewed effort is underway.

Conservatives are pushing for an Article V convention to add a balanced-budget amendment and other ideas, to the Constitution. All they need is the approval of 34 state legislatures (no governor’s signature needed) to compel Congress to call such a gathering. Right now, 28 states have passed resolutions calling for an Article V convention. That number would be 32 had not pro- democracy groups not gotten Delaware, Maryland, New Mexico and Nevada to rescind their resolutions. Still, once the 34-state hurdle is cleared, despite pledges of a discrete, narrow focus, no one knows what could happen.

Once a convention were convened, it could take up any topic it wanted to. There is nothing in Article V of the Constitution, no jurisprudence or anything in statute that says the convention needs to be limited. So they could take up anything they want. There are no rules for such conventions nor does the Constitution discuss constitutionzl conventions, their membership, funding, etc

Groups pushing these conventions are seeking to undo woman’s right to choose and marriage equality. They want to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency, roll back the power of the Federal government, abolishing things most peoplw take fof granted, and overturning the idea of the the established role of the modern, enlightened government.

ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, kicked the process off by advocating a balanced-budget amendment a few years ago, along with Mark Meckler, president of Convention of States Action, whose handbook specifically says, “We want to call a convention for the purpose of limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government,”reversing 115 years of progressivism?

We are talking about reining in corporations with antitrust measures. We’re talking about the women’s suffrage movements d the right to abortion. We’re talking about consumer protections. We’re talking about Brown v. Board of Education. We are talking about education, environmental rights, civil rights, voting rights, social security, Medicare, unemployment benefit – all of those kinds of things.”. (Adapted from a podcast by Jonathan on Twitter: @Capehart Cape Up, September 4 at 6:01 AM)

This is precisely the Agenda of the the right-wingers in the British Tory Party. They want to consolidate the rule of the rich (the “deserving”) and, privatize the National Health Service, extend the retirement age, the reduce money spent on education and help for the poor and working class (the “undeserving”. Dpicurus, who was a kind, ari g and cari g and inc.sive man, would have. been surprised at the extensive activities of Wester governments, but I be.ieve he wluld have suppotdd them

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