The apostrophe

To The Guardian

I love Kingsley Amis’s response to a challenge about the usefulness of apostrophes: “Those things over there are my husbands.” Three different possible meanings.
Bryan Morgan, Worksop, Nottinghamshire

and a butcher’s trick

To The. Daily Telegraph:

I once saw a notice outside our local butcher. It read “Sausage’s”. When I went in to point out the error, the butcher said: “Yes, I did it deliberately. It brings people like you into the shop. How many sausages would you like?”
Steve Cowling, Knockin, Shropshire., UK

What has this to do with Epicureanism?  Nothing at all.  It’s just that I see, even in publications such as The Washington Post”,  sloppy editing of apostrophes.  Epicureans should be, at the very least, masters of the language.

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