Tax cheats

“By systematically defunding the IRS, rich tax cheats and their allies in Congress have all but guaranteed that they won’t ever have to pay what they owe. We’re not talking about loopholes or manipulation of the tax code. Just plain old illegal tax evasion. Unless something changes, over the next decade, they’ll steal $7.5 trillion from the American people, and most of that theft will be committed by the top 1% of earners.

“Our country can raise trillions of dollars just by making sure the rich pay what they owe.” (Patriotic Millionaires, 11 December 2020).

My comment: It’s bad enough having such a huge gulf between rich and poor, but our elected representatives, instead of being champions of the sick, poor, the homeless and financially struggling, are in cahoots with the super-rich, casting a blind eye on tax fraud, making the wealth gap worse, and in hoc to them rich for election expenses. Just at this very moment Congress (for Congress read senate Republican
) are rejecting proposals to help the covid-struck poor through the current health crisis. UnEpicurean. Also un-Christian.

No, I’m not supposed to talk party politics, but I consider this to be about common sense, decency, thoughtfulness of others and building a healthy nation.

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