Tax avoidance is a tax on the rest of us

Most high earners do the same thing Trump did with his taxes: they pay tax accountants huge salaries to manipulate tax code minutia and shrink their taxes to the smallest possible amount. In dodging their fair share of taxes, the ultra-rich shove the tax burden of running this country onto the working and middle classes, to the point where taxpayers end up footing the bill for rich folks’ evasion. This burden has increased over the past few decades, as taxes for the top brackets have declined but avoidance has become more popular among the elite. (Dr. Brooke Harrington, Patriotic Millionaires, 2 Oct 2020)

My comment: Yes, I know, I do talk about the disparity between rich and poor rather frequently, but I believe it to be, along with the growing global climate disaster, the most threatening thing that has happened to the United States. It is winked at by “yes-your-worship-can-I-lick-your-boots” politicians who know-tow to the rich in return for money and corrupted regulations. Who suffers? The rest of us. Epicurus would not be surprised, but would nonetheless speak out. So should we. The system has skewed the body politic.

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