Talking to skeptics about rising seas

From Scott McNeil, Banstead, Surrey, UK

In your article about the Greenland ice sheet melting, you mention how “bad news begins to wash over you” . I spend time in parts of the US that have a lot of climate change sceptics. Discussing evidence and reasoning is often met with suspicion, or even outright derision, but I have found one thing that consistently gives them pause for thought: visualisations of the forecast sea level rise over the next 100 years.

Those that show the rise that is “locked in” due to current temperature rises and which focus on low-lying areas in Florida, Louisiana and Texas are particularly effective. I would encourage others who have similar “discussions” to use them as a tool to help.

My comment: In the part of the Florida Keys I know quite well, the sea level at high tide is a mere twelve inches  below the land level, and, over the period of years we have been visiting, it  has visually risen.  The Keys are basically a sand/ coral bar and are possibly the most vulnerable place in the US for a climate catastrophe.  The cottage where we stay was demolished by the recent hurricane.   Indeed the house market is lively and people still want to live there.  I would give the Keys about 30 years and it will be under water. But talk to locals and they are in total denial.  As go the Keys so goes Miami, which is on life support, but no one living there seems to know it.  To rescue it will be horrendously expensive, if it is possible at all.  The delusions of mankind!

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