Taking away the rights of British citizens

“I’m one of the 1.8 million British citizens living in mainland Europe; no deal will have a devastating impact on us. And it is our government, not our EU hosts, that will be stripping us of our right to continue living and working here.

“Much as we’d love to hide on 30 March 2019, hoping no one here will notice that we have become “third country nationals” (who may or may not be granted a work permit, depending on whether a local can do our job), alas, that’s not going to work. Which is why we need you to focus on the 1.8 million British citizens (60% of whom were not allowed to vote in the referendum) who will be left with no rights, no representation nor any means of redress if “our own” British government continues down the path to no deal”.
Georgina Tate, Brussels, Belgium

I sympathise. As far as I can establish, British citizens will be allowed to stay on, but not move to another country. Aside from that, I can’t establish whether the payment of pensions to British subjects in the EU, and their bank accounts with British banks operating there, is resolved. It looks as if British people will not be able to draw money or make deposits into banks of British origin, since the latter will not be authorised to operate in the EU.

The hard right, who are angling for a quick, hard exit, has no incentive to help those who live and work in the EU. The latter are people who are, by definition, mainly pro-EU. The hard righr hope for a social revolution, with a governmdnt of the “deserving rich” and absolutely everything privatized for the financial benefit of you know who………

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