Some thoughts from Lucretius…

In the words of Lucretius: 

“..we are all born from the same celestial seed;  all of us have the same father,

from which the earth, the mother who feeds us, receives clear drops of rain,

producing from them bright wheat and lush trees, and the human race, and the species of beasts,

offering up the foods with which all bodies are nourished, to lead a sweet life

and generate offspring…”.     (de rerum natura, bk.II, lines 991- 97)

and he might have added (less poetically):

There is only one Earth that nurtures us and is bountiful.

To foul the seas, pollute the air, then to deny all responsibility;

To spread soullessness about, and concrete the land for short-term gain,

To tolerate starvation amid plenty;  to allow the purchase of the political process;

To import the desperate only for cheap labour; to disrupt public lives for private gain;  

To allow the cost of a roof over the head to grow too high to be affordable for the working man; and to lumber the young with massive college debt ………

All this is foolishness ………….Or maybe mass suicide.  Epicurus told us to live a life of pleasure, to care for our children, for our neighbors and for the planet, and (by inference) to keep life on Earth sustainable and liveable.

Rich, care-less sirs, you climate change deniers – we have your names;  they will be carved in halls of infamy.

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