Smacking worsens behaviour?

Smacking children makes their behaviour worse, according to a new review of two decades of research. The study found that children subjected to physical punishment showed increased behavioural problems with no improvement in behaviour.

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children are among the groups calling for an outright ban on physical punishment of children. ( The Week, 29 June 2021).

My comment:  The first time I was severely smacked is vivid in my memory.  My grandfather had a barrage balloon station on his farm.   My sister and I had climbed a ladder to get onto the top of the ballon  and were playing there when the air raid siren went off.  Enemy bombers on their way!  There was a delay in letting the balloon fly into the sky as Home Guard members had to climb up and remove two naughty kids who were having an exciting time running around on top of the balloon.

The first time I was smacked (well deserved!). We were repeatedly forbidden to go anywhere near the balloon.  Had roles been reversed and had I been my father ( on weekend leave) I would have smacked my son, too.  The smacking did me no harm at all. Even at 5 I knew I had been naughty and deserved it.

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