Shocking statistics

More than 25% of Americans are likely to refuse the vaccine, according to an international study

Only 11% of US citizens said they trusted their government to be a reliable source of information on vaccines, compared with 30% in the UK. 

Three out of four Republicans don’t think Joe Biden won the election  legitimately. About 45% even support the storming of the Capitol (The Guardian. 8 Feb 2021)

My comment: We are, indeed, in a shocking mess. The words of one solitary individual can persuade three quarters of a major political party that an election has been stolen, and without a shred of evidence!  I would like to think that a measured, caring, thorough , inclusive and empathetic approach , and a commitment to caring for all citizens, Republican and Democratic, will win out.  It calls to mind the words of the song… “ I’m glad I’m not young anymore”.  But then, it is not Epicurean to be negative and depressed about the world.  so cue  for the words of another song: “Always look on the bright side of life.”


  1. If you think there wasn’t any evidence, then perhaps you had your eyes closed to it, choosing to see only what you want to see, rather than the truth.

    And why do you think it has to do with one man? Many of the people who supported Trump were Tea Party people who hated George Bush, and have not trusted the government for decades – going back to every president since the founding of the country. Do some research, this isn’t a one president issue.

    A more important question; how can you possibly run a website like this, about philosophy and truth and ethics, and then support the power of the state, rather than the power of the people?

    We are indeed in a shocking state, and starts with people like you who post fancy words, and yet have not even begin to figure out their meaning. More faith in man, less faith in government, you’ll get there, and then you will understand the true meaning of Epicurus!

    • Very interesting. Since you are obviously better informed than all the people who investigated the “stolen” election, could you tell me where one can find proof of cheating (like statistics, in which counties and wards etc), because multiple people including dozens of Courts of law have concluded it is nonsense, so your absolute certainty is impressive, and I would like to hear the truth from a really well-informed person.

      • Verdicts were never handed down, courts have concluded no such thing. They never heard evidence, therefore, how could they have reached a conclusion? Political judges, made political decisions to dismiss, because they are absolutely powerful and absolutely corrupt. How does that equate a decision, moreover, a just one?

        And freedom of the mind means that one is ethically obligated to be in search of truth, to seek answers with an open mind, and look for justice and truth, not simply a website that espouses what you would like most to hear. Truth and justice require effort… Go seek, you will find, but before you can find, you have to actually look, and then acknowledge the truth you find.

  2. So Texas is devastated because the local government doesn’t believe in higher taxes and thus being able to invest in providing the essential services like water and electricity – really basic stuff. Higher taxes would annoy the rich donors. Instead, the dreaded national government (help! Biden) is going to step in with our money. If the Texans in charge had any honesty they would refuse the Feds who represent “the power of the State”, that is, the US. Hypocrisy is alive and well! More faith in good government and less faith in selfish blowhards, and then you will understand the true meaning of Epicureanism, that is a pleasant life for everyone, not just those with pots of money.

    • As for Texas, you confuse me with someone who aligns themselves with a party simply because I said the election as stolen; a simple observation, based on evidence.

      It’s a mistake to assume that because I think you are wrong its party politics – not everyone sees the world that way.

      That said, same thing in California with wildfires and mudslides, and they’re a bunch of rich liberals – and that’s on a twenty year rotating cycle, by the way. Maybe they could donate to Texas?

  3. Yes, O.K, everyone is corrupt. I was waiting for you to state that the attack on the Capitol was bogus and arranged by Hollywood, based on evidence. I don’t think anything (anything!) I said would make the slightest difference. Let’s leave it there.

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