Scim, scam

We have been phoned about every five days by men purporting to be raising money for police charities. Nobody else phones us so often.

I checked, and was told that this was not genuine and that the police were expressly forbidden to ask for money from the public, whether they are current or retired member of the force. I have subscribed to Do Not Call and I asked the last “policeman” to give me his name and National Insurance number (!),(whereupon he rang off).

Isn’t it sad? So much is geared to fear of, or dealing with, scammers, fraudsters, crooks and thieves. I wonder if the ancient Greek world was as full of fraudsters like this? Of course, they had their beggars and those desperate for food and roofs over their heads, but they didn’t have the tools – computers, phones, pickable pockets, credit cards and the sheer number of modern “things” that are steal-able to make the lives of others constantly wary and anxious Are we better off? No, unless we determinably work at peace of mind, consideration for others, kindness and thoughtfulness.

Epicureans are for the simple life. I used to have a Facebook presence. Do I miss it? Absolutely not! And now it appears in any case to be deliberately malign in many ways. Walk away.

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