Save us from these superficial, amateur politicians!

Some of Britain’s biggest corporate names have dealt a blow to Theresa May by pressing the panic button and reorganising their business operations in case of a no-deal Brexit. Sir James Dyson, a Brexit-backing billionaire whose large company makes household goods like vacuum cleaners, inflicted the biggest embarrassment for the prime minister when his company announced plans to “future-proof” itself by moving its headquarters to Singapore. Sir James has chosen the moment of maximum Brexit pain for the PM by making the decision, (which could be termed hypocrisy on his part). Dyson was followed by the cross-Channel ferry company P&O, which said its fleet would be re-registered under the Cypriot flag. Sony has said it is moving its European base from London to Amsterdam. One of my sons works for one of the biggest banks in the world. It is moving a third of its staff to Paris. Meanwhile, the Confederation of British Industry is demanding that a no-deal Brexit “must be ruled out immediately”. (based on an article in The Guardian of today’s date).

If this dribble of economic leavers develops into a torrent, the unemployment figures will be horrendous. Rees Mogg was interviewed yesterday on BBC and had the gall to comment that of course we don’t know what problems will arise with Brexit in the future. Really? Isn’t he paid, as an MP and a leader of the Brexiteers to think through every eventuality before wrecking the economy? I suspect this sudden exit of some important British companies is one of the many unexpected eventualities he hasn’t thought of. There is a very British expression,”What a wally!” that sums these amateur politicians and non-statesmen.

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  1. A propos Mr. Rees Mogg, a multi- millionaire ( his wife is independently rich, too) has apparently moved a significant part of his fortune out of the UK to some safe place (Panama?) This can only because he is scared of the effects of Britain exiting the EU without an agreement, something that until now he seems to have welcomed. This is the fellow, paid as an MP to judiciously guide the country and the major proponent of “taking back control”, who is a leading light among Brexiteers. Clearly, he is happy to cause casual chaos, but not happy to keep his money where his mouth is. Integrity is an Epicurean virtue, not shared with these people who haven’t bothered to do their homework when they set the Brexit train in motion.

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