Religious extremism in the US

Pastor Rich Vera, who runs a church in Florida, says he believes that faith can stop the coronavirus.  He is one of a vocal minority of Christians in America who feel it’s appropriate to gather to worship despite US federal advice to stay home, and who supports protests against the restrictions in place to try and limit the spread of coronavirus.

When asked whether he took responsibility at all for the increase in covid 19 cases,  he told a reporter “No, I don’t”.  (The Times 28 Apr 2020)

My comment:  A short while ago a woman was interviewed on television about attending a church service where there was no social distancing or masks worn.  Her reply to a journalist’s question about her vulnerability to the virus?

”I am protected by the blood of Jesus. No virus can affect me”.  (Yes, honestly!  I heard the woman say it with my own eyes). Me, I am covered by Aetna Insurance.

Seriously though, fools and fanatics are so sure of themselves and seem to care not a jot for others. They are the  self described “chosen people”, believing that science, and inoculations, are the work of the devil. The wise and intelligent are more self-aware, careful and un-selfish, that is the Epicurean way – respect the science and protect not only yourself but all around you, thoughtfully and kindly.

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