Reassuring news, sort of.

More than 100 prominent evangelical Christian pastors and church leaders have condemned the “perversion” of Christian nationalism and its role in the insurrection at the Capitol on 6 January.

In an open letter, the leaders said they were speaking out because they did not want to be “quiet accomplices in this ongoing sin”, and called on all members of the church to make it clear that Christianity was not compatible with “calls to violence, support of white Christian nationalism, conspiracy theories, and all religious and racial prejudice”. (The Guardian. 2/25/2021)

My comment:  Nice to see an evangelical church opposing so- called “christian” nationalism.  However today’s edition of the Washington Post carries a report on the Godspeak Calvary Chapel, north of Los Angeles, where the pastor, RobMcCoy dismisses covid 19 as an “ overblown sham” and rails against pandemic restrictions and what he considers the  “trampling of  religious liberties”.  Attendance has tripled to about a thousand every Sunday, packed in with no one wearing masks and mostly rejecting vaccination as well.

Followers of Epicurus believe in the manifold benefits of science.  Even more so, they believe that vaccination denial and refusing to abide by common sense rules against spreading the virus are selfish, imperiling others. If you want to die a horrible death so be it, but don’t kill or endanger other human beings in the process.  The rules are essential both for health and peace of mind.


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