Racism and religion

Studies have shown that attending church frequently does not make white christians less racist. In fact, the data suggests that the opposite is true. The connection between holding more racist views and white christian identity is actually stronger among white evangelicals who attend church frequently than it is among those who attend less frequently.

My comment:  This is about American evangelicals.  My impression is that, outside the US, evangelicals hold to similar teachings but do not subscribe to the racism that leads American evangelicals to vote for candidates that are racists or closet racists, resentful of immigrants and Black people.

For Epicureans everyone, black, yellow,  and brown should be treated with courtesy, as equals, with the same rights as everyone else.  We only have one, fragile , planet. We used to have a fine example of democratic government.   We need to calm down, stop the hate masquerading as christianity  and get our democracy operating again.

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  1. The Proud Boys and other fringe groups found a way to bankroll ‘Stop the Steal’ events: A Christian fundraising website. GiveSendGo.com pages raised over $247,000 for individuals who claimed expenses related to the Jan. 6 rally in D.C. or other “Stop the Steal” events. So much for “christians”.

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