Race hatred is not at all confined to the US

Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, UK

Far-right activists have been filming themselves storming hotels that are being used by the Home Office to accommodate asylum seekers, confronting residents in their rooms, and demanding to know which countries they are from.

In a series of videos posted on social media, activists with the group Britain First can be seen banging on doors and haranguing residents at hotels in Bromsgrove, Newcastle, Birkenhead, Warrington and Essex. On Saturday, a 30-year-old man was charged with common assault after far-right activists entered a hotel in Coventry. However, an apparent attempt by the group to target asylum seekers in Camden, northwest London, failed last month, when its members turned up at a hotel that is being used to accommodate rough sleepers during the pandemic.  (The Week, 5 Sept 2020)

My comment:  At some time in the past, maybe the far distant past, most families have migrated from some other region or country. If you look at, say, one hundred family trees I bet you would find migrants and asylum seekers in most, if not all of them.  My own (Huguenot) family moved from France to escape the Catholic persecution with not a penny to their names, no doubt enduring prejudice and name-calling in London’s East End.

What we should be doing is helping to stabilize the countries whence come the migrants, and incentivize them to stay put, if that’s what these disagreeable thugs want.   The fact is that most migrants make excellent, and enthusiastic, citizens.

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