Q – Anon : patriots???

“Are Republican leaders really willing to throw in their lot with demented conspiracy theorists? “The answer, for the moment, would seem to be yes. President Trump tacitly endorsed the far-right QAnon cult the other day, saying its followers were patriots who “love our country” and, more importantly, “like me very much”. When a reporter pointed out that QAnon followers believe Trump and a mysterious figure called “Q” are secretly saving the world from a satanic, “deep state” cabal of paedophiles who eat children, the president responded, “Is that supposed to be a bad thing? If I can help save the world from problems, I’m willing to do it”.  (taken partly from an article by Jonathan Zimmerman,  USA Today, and The Week, 5 September 2020)

My comment: This blog is intended, not to discuss party politics, but to rehearse what stance we might – or should – adopt towards trends,  events and cultural changes in the modern world, using the principles established by Epicurus.  But this “movement” has to be commented upon and labeled for what is is.

The issue of so-called QAnon is a no-brainer. Excuse me! “paedophiles”? “deep state cabal”?  “Eating children”?  “Communist controlled?” Have we really descended to this?  Did these people ever get any discipline or advice from their parents? Did they ever go to school, and if so, what on earth did they learn?  These peddlers of hatred and fantasy have no place in the modern world, and to give them a minutes-worth of credence is shameful, medieval and laughable – except it is not only dangerous but makes the rest of the world laugh at us. (Believe me!)


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