Problem parents

British parents are becoming increasingly “abusive” towards teachers, a report by Ofsted has found. The schools watchdog said that teachers are coming under growing pressure from parents who expect instant responses to emails, complain when their children do not get top grades (regardless of effort), and defend their offspring’s poor behaviour instead of siding with the school. Based on the responses of 4,300 teaching staff, the report says the behaviour of children and parents is a key factor in low morale among teachers, who are leaving the profession in record numbers. (The Week, July 29 2019).

It is truly hard to believe this ridiculous behavior.  The job of a parent is to prepare the child for the real world.  In the real world there is no parent protecting you from criticism about the job you are doing, or about your Interactions with others.  You are by yourself, and, if you are spoiled and under-prepared for adulthood, it’s opportunities and challenges, it is the fault of the parents.  Teachers can guide, suggest and open minds, but they are not, and never have been, responsible for upbringing, good behavior, politeness, and conscientiousness.   Schools should tell parents that if they cannot support the school then choose another school, if they can find one.  Taxpayers should support teachers, those over-worked, underpaid people, doing their best.


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