Pornography and global climate change

The streaming of online pornography produces the same amount of carbon dioxide as the whole of Belgium, according to a new report by the French think tank The Shift Project. Its researchers found that the energy required to stream online videos is responsible for the emission of 300 million tonnes of CO2 a year – almost 1% of total global emissions – and that a third of that comes from videos with pornographic content.

From being an immense boon to mankind, a lot of what happens on the internet has become either bogus misinformation, silly self-promotion, or just plain boring.  Pornography is in the latter category, in my opinion, but someone, somewhere is making money out of it.  I don’t think in principle that it should be banned, just ignored.  On the other hand, unless we stop some of the activities that are increasing temperatures and threatening the future of the planet and the human race, the effects on future generations are going to be catastrophic.  So maybe pornography should, after all, be banned – it’s hard enough to get politicians to do anything at all about the climate crisis, so this just might find public favour.  Watchers of the stuff on the web will just have to get a life.

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