P & O Ferries – mass sacking

The British ferry operator P&O, carrying cars and their owners across the Channel, has summarily and instantaneously sacked 800 of its workers, apparently without even ten minutes of notice, and has replaced them with cheaper agency staff.

The Mirror describes the “despicable billionaire chiefs” behind the sackings as “scum,” while The Guardian says ministers and trade unions have condemned the move.

My comment: So travel to and from the Continent is down, along with bookings. Hardly surprising, given the virus and the time of year. But this is quite extraordinarily brutal and I hope the company is taken to Court and made to pay at least a month’s worth of salary in lieu of notice. Meanwhile, I need no reminding to avoid crossing the English Channel on a P & O ferry anytime soon. As an employer you have a moral duty to treat your staff with dignity and humane consideration. There should be no place for this display of heartless capitalism.

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