On “ craven” corporations

GB News is a new U.K. news channel based upon Fox News in America. It has been boycotted by numerous British companies and organizations.  The right- wing conservative Daily Telegraph published the following:

“The GB News boycott is a turning point: big business must end its woke campaigning or it may not survive the backlash.

“First it was their implacable, undemocratic hostility to Brexit, then their embrace of wokedom, and now their pathetic boycott of GB News, the centre-Right TV start-up.

“What is going on in boardrooms across Britain and the West?  A generation of craven corporate apparatchiks, in thrall to the latest American nostrums, have lost their moral bearings. The companies boycotting GB News will have greatly infuriated hundreds of thousands of consumers and only mildly pleased a few million Left-wingers.   They have declared war on the Conservative voters who, until very recently, used to support them.  This is a turning point for business. They must choose: are they for-profit ventures selling to customer-kings, or weapons of the Left, political organisations masquerading as commercial outfits, militating against freedom?”  (Allistair  Heath, The Telegraph 17 June 2021).

My comment:  “implacable, undemocratic hostility to Brexit”?  “ lost their moral bearings”?   Welcome to the “my way or the highway” style  of Fox News.  You can guarantee that the Brits will eventually copy what occurs in the US.  It is undemocratic, don’t you know, to oppose “conservatives”.  No wonder Epicurus despised politics.  He stood for freedom of thought and speech and respect for opposing views.

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